Joel Levi & Co. Law-Firm has Over 40 Years of Experience in Restitution of Stolen Jewish Art, Heir Tracing, Civil Law and Succession and Wills.
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Joel Levi Law Firm

Representing Foreign Plaintiffs and Defendants in Israel

Claims filed in Israel in connection with a particular individual from a foreign country and claims filed in connection with a particular non-Israeli firm require meticulous care in deciphering and handling the clauses of the agreements and the relevant conventions of legal assistance.

In accordance with the circumstances of each and every case, Joel Levi & Co. conducts an assessment to plan the appropriate strategy to be adopted for each unique claim filed in Israel.

In such circumstances, foreign litigants in Israel are provided with a meticulous examination of the claim to which they are a party. 

The Multi-lingual Team

Communication between clients and the firm is enhanced by the foreign language skills of the firm's advocates (lawyers). This efficiency continues into the legal hearing where a simultaneous translator is placed at the clients' disposal. 

Foreign Judgments

The firm has an excellent track record enforcing judgments for the efficient implementation and recovering debts awarded in foreign judgments.

Commercial Contracts in Israel

The firm represents companies and individuals who have commercial contacts with Israel.

Since 1964

Joel Levi & Co. has been representing clients in Israel in commercial and tort spheres since 1964.