Joel Levi & Co. Law-Firm has Over 40 Years of Experience in Restitution of Stolen Jewish Art, Heir Tracing, Civil Law and Succession and Wills.
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The expertise of a registered and trained genealogist is paramount in the recovering of assets unjustly confiscated by the Third Reich. The fate of many heirs of Holocaust victims' claims to recover such family assets are decided by the ability to find all the original property owner's heirs and to obtain succession orders for them.

Tracing Jewish Family History Tree

Constructing a Jewish family tree by obtaining appropriate documentation is a skill that requires special expertise. Tracing your Jewish family history may be the key to retrieving unclaimed Holocaust-era assets. Recently, with the collapse of the Iron Curtain and communism in Eastern Europe, additional war-era German documents captured by the Soviet government have become available to enhance this process.

Genealogy Services

Adv. Joel Levi is a qualified genealogist and a member of the APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and used to be a trustee and member of the APG ethics committee.

In addition, Joel Levi & Co. works in cooperation with a genealogy company that centralizes the most comprehensive information about the fate of Jewish families.

Joel Levi & Co. offers genealogy services. The firm obtains full documentation from anywhere in the world required for handling succession proceedings. Locating information about relatives to formulate legal rights is among the provided services. In addition, the genealogy services are available for Jewish family trees, Jewish roots study and private purposes.