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Locating Missing Heirs and Beneficiaries

Joel Levi & Co. law firm specializes in locating missing heirs.

Thousands of assets such as real estate, insurance policies, securities, pension funds, bank accounts and more are registered as owned by people who passed away.

The scope of such "abandoned property" is billions of dollars and every year "new abandoned property" is created.

The reasons for this are many and varied but there is no person in the world who died without relatives/heirs.

In the absence of a will and the absence of known relatives, no one knows, and therefore no one would claim ownership over the assets.

The institutes where such assets are registered, has generally no interest to publish the information since they benefit from holding and managing the property (collecting commissions, management fees etc.). At that stage the property could lose much of its value.

Our office is cooperating with investigators in order to locate such property. In case we come to the conclusion that the property owner passed away, our office takes various actions in order to locate the legal heirs, using our vast experience in genealogy, the legal point of view and the international connections.

We assist beneficiaries in obtaining the necessary documentation to prove their rights as heirs and obtaining property.

Over the years, the law firm located thousands of heirs from all over the world and delivered to them their abandoned property. This property, which the heirs had no information about, made a significant improvement in their quality of life.

Locating heirs is a key part of the process and allows actually link the property (of any kind) and entitled to it.

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