Joel Levi & Co. Law-Firm has Over 40 Years of Experience in Restitution of Stolen Jewish Art, Heir Tracing, Civil Law and Succession and Wills.
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Joel Levi & Co. Law Firm, established in 1964 by Adv. Joel Levi, specializes in international succession law and locating missing heirs to abandoned property.

Restitution from Germany

Joel Levi & Co. Law firm is one of the leading firms in the field of obtaining restitution and compensation for property in Germany confiscated by the Nazi regime , including real estate , business, art and Judaica .
The following cases are examples of the office activities in this field :

  • The firm was able to get an injunction , which prevented the sale of a painting stolen from a Jewish collector in Germany during the Nazi period . Following the injunction, an agreement was reached between the heirs of the original owner and the current owner and the painting was sold for more than - 1 million euro.
  • Joel Levi & Co. Law Firm managed to receive compensation for, the heirs of the original business owner, of a department store that was confiscated by the Nazi regime, amounting to more than 1 million euro.

Recommendations and a specific description of the activity will be delivered on demand.

International estate matters

Representing international clients in matters of inheritance, demands a wide knowledge of private international law. In our modern, global world, many people have assets in more than one country while the laws in each country are different. Therefore it is crucial to be able to choose and define the favorable venue and the applicable law for each case.

We, at Joel Levi & Co. are constantly advising the clients on their estate planning, taking into account all relevant factors such as place of domicile, nationality location of the assets and inheritance taxes. We also represent our clients (sometimes with cooperation of foreign partners) in complicated estate matters that involve more than one venue of litigation.

Locating abandoned assets in Israel and returning them to the owners

In Israel there are many properties whose owners are unknown. Such are real estate purchased years ago and abandoned and managed by The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets or the Administrator General or saving accounts and insurance policies, where the contact with the owners was disconnected for various reasons. Over the years, our law firm located thousands of beneficiaries from all over the world for such abandoned property. This property, which the heirs had no information about , created a significant improvement in their life.

Worldwide Services

The close cooperation between Joel Levi & Co. and law firms in other countries enables us to provide our clients with services in all regions of the world.


The firm has a in house Notary and is able to provide notary services in Hebrew, English and German..

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