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Joel Levi - Outstanding Member of the Israeli Bar

May 2007 -- In the annual convention of the lawyers bar association in Eilat special awards of esteem had been accorded to distinguished members of the profession. Advocate Joel Levi was selected to be among recipients of the awards.

Advocate Joel Levi, 69 years old, received the honor for his long activity in perpetuation of the memory of the Jewish lawyers in Germany in the period of the Nazi regime.

Activity of Levi in the perpetuation of the lawyers in Germany began more then 20 year ago. In January 1989 a group of German lawyers arrived to Israel, and together with cooperation of the head of the bar association at that time, Advocate Jacob Robin, founded fellowship of jurists Israel-Germany.

The family of Advocate Joel Levi is of German origin and he speaks German fluently, this made him interested and naturally he was one of the founders of the fellowship.

Nowadays Advocate Joel Levi with the identification of assets of Holocaust survivors and with returning them to the heirs of the pre war owners. In most of the cases, says Advocate Levi, he tries to arrive at compromises, so that also the present owners will receive a part of the proceeds of the asset. The prestigious auction houses such as Christi's and Sotheby's already recognize Advocate Levi as a person with an important role in a recovery of assets. When the Auction house receives an asset that is suspected to be looted from Jews, they often contact Advocate Levi and request from him to locate the heirs of the original owner.

Advocate Levi began his professional career as a criminal lawyer. He then dealt with work accidents and became the secretary of the Association of law and medicine.
Nowadays he with civil - commercial cases, and represents German firms is their activity in Israel as well as Israeli firms in Germany. 

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