Joel Levi & Co. Law-Firm has Over 40 Years of Experience in Restitution of Stolen Jewish Art, Heir Tracing, Civil Law and Succession and Wills.
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Joel Levi Law Firm Specilializes in Restitution of Confiscated Art During the Nazi Regime and Heir Tracing


Joel Levi & Co. Law Firm

Joel Levi & Co. Law firm has over 40-years of history and experience in legal matters of restitution of Jewish property, succession & wills, locating missing heirs and beneficiaries and art restitution. Additionally the firm specializes in representing foreign individuals, mainly members of the German-speaking community in Israel.

The firm has two main issues: restitution of property confiscated during the Nazi regime and heir tracing, (the link should point to the "heir tracing" expertise and not genealogy) the search for relatives and heirs for unclaimed estates, inheritances, stolen property and confiscated land.

The Joel Levi & Co law firm has renowned expertise in the specialized realm of restitution of looted art works and primarily paintings to the lawful heirs of their rightful, original owners. They have had much success in the restitution of the vast array of art treasures plundered from Jews during the Nazi regime in Germany.

In matters of succession, wills and estates, the Joel Levi & Co. law firm has vast expertise. The firm has litigated successfully on behalf of heirs whose family’s stolen buildings, lands, and businesses in Germany as well as in Israel.

Joel Levi & Co. law firm operates in complete concurrence with their clients’ requirements and achieves the client's objectives without compromising the level of legal service.



Our Fields of Expertise:

Succession and Wills

Succession and Wills
Restitution of Property in Israel

Restitution of Property in Israel
Last chance for compensation for property in Germany

Last chance for compensation for property in Germany



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